About Laser Hair Removal

Torno Advanced Diode
Laser Hair Removal System

The Torno Advanced Diode Hair Removal system is an excellent choice for providers who need to offer hair removal treatments using a fraction of the time and effort compared to traditional diode systems. This incredible equipment merges revolutionary laser technology with advanced safety features and maximum comfort. Approved by the FDA, Torno reinvents the face of laser hair removal as an incredibly powerful, effective machine.

Advanced cooling technology keeps patients comfortable and pain-free while a large applicator size targets large areas of the skin at once, allowing providers to spend less time achieving the same results as they would with other laser systems on the market.

About Laser Hair Removal

Results of Diode Laser System

  • Significantly decreases hair growth on any body area
  • Inhibits the development of ingrown hairs
  • Deeply and safely penetrates the skin to destroy hair follicles
  • Reduces darkness in areas like the armpits
About Laser Hair Removal

Choose your laser area

  • Face (upper lip, ears, nose, uni-brow, forehead/hairline, sideburns/cheeks, chin/jawline, full face)
  • Upper Body (neck-front, neck-back, neck-full, shoulders, areola, underarms, arms-upper, arms-lower, arms-full, abdomen-strip, abdomen-full, fingers or toes, back-lower, back-upper includes shoulders, back-full)
  • Lower Body (bikini-outline, bikini-full, bikini Brazilian includes buttocks, legs upper includes partial bikini line, legs-lower, legs-full includes partial bikini line)
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Laser Hair Removal

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Laser Hair Removal

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